As US Deaths In Iraq Approach 4,000 Over 5 Years, Some Perspective

The ghouls in the liberal media are counting body bags as their way of ignoring the myriad indicators of progress in Iraq achieved over the last year. What is important is not how many have sacrificed their lives in Iraq, but whether that sacrifice will be honored by finishing the job or will it be thrown away for political expediency? The liberals and left have made their choice, they want power and could care less about the sacrifices (no matte what lame rationalizations they use to avoid facing the successes in Iraq).

So while we await the more important data, which will show the level of violence al-Qaeda can inflict in Iraq and which has been dropping as we and our Iraqi allies have purged the Islamo Fascists from Iraq, we can put the US effort in Iraq into some perspective. At this site are the mortality rates for the US, by state, for the year 2004. As can be seen the 5 years of fighting first Saddam and then al-Qaeda and their allies equals the annual death rate for Wyoming. It is a fraction of most US state death rates from just one year. In fact, more Americans died in the tiny city of Washington DC in 2004 than died in the entire Iraq war effort. To put it in even more perspective take a state like NY, and divide the annual rate by 12, and you get 12,000 deaths per month, which dwarfs the numbers lost in Iraq over 5 years.
Is this a fair comparison? Of course it is. It is meant to give context to a number that sounds big (4,000), but is actually small. Gateway Pundit showed recently that the Iraq War casualties were lower than the military casualties during President Clinton’s terms.

So let’s keep these things in perspective – shall we?

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